Online Backup

AHHH!! When disaster strikes, will you be prepared? are you backed up?

We speak from experience when we say that almost everyone has been affected by data loss or knows someone who has been. That is why Demital has partnered up with one of the most reliable Data Backup Company’s, SOS Online Backup. SOS gives you the flexibility and power to create a backup that meet your needs. Backup your outlook daily up to 6 global datacenters. Backup your entire computer to a USB drive nightly or backup My Documents to your iPod each hour or engage LiveProtectTM to have SOS watch your files and provide continuous real-time data protection. You save it – we back it up offsite invisibly and automatically, keeping an unlimited version history that lets you roll-back to any point in time. SOS provides Big-Business IT best-practice for the little guy – true multi-destination, multi-schedule backup that can be adapted to meet your needs but at consumer prices. SOS is software as a service billed with a low monthly subscription. A basic annual subscription costs less than most stand-alone backup software packages – let alone a tape-drive or external hard-drive. These are just a few reasons why you should be taking advantage of Online Backup.

Don’t be mistaken or mislead to think that your Computer Hard Drive will not fail! Don’t be caught with nothing to show for after years of hard work! Please backup your information! If you are unsure of the best way to backup your priceless information, come by and ask us! We’re here to help. If you cannot come in personally, don’t hesitate to call us for a FREE consultation, 416.663.HELP (4357).
Demital Computers Online Backup